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You've done the hard work - and your fans are just as proud of you as you are.

Getting your podcast brand out on merchandise and clothing is one of the best ways to boost your exposure and build awareness around your work. 


Design the look and feel of your merchandise and the website on which it's hosted through our various integrations. Maintain full creative control of the process.

Then, ship it out. We'll give you the tools, don't worry.


We'll consult and help you scale your merchandising goals over time as your listenership grows. We'll consult with you so you don't have to. 

Keep your finger on the pulse of what merchandise is selling and what fans want. 

I was surprised at how easy it was the choose the right platform for me to get started. I didn't ever look anywhere else because I neve felt upsold by Soundsquad - in fact, the consulted me on the right package and were open to talking through various scenarios for a first-time merchandiser like me.

Penny Price Mental Wellness with Penny Pod

Soundsquad is what I use to help all of my first-time network podcasters get of the ground when they're ready for merchandising. They provide the consulting where my team don't have the time, resources, or knowledge. They put the podcasters first. 

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There are a few things we do well at Soundsquad. One of those things is maintaining the most excellent blogs in the business for podcasters who have something to say.

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